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Grow faster. Find traction with Hitshop weekly growth marketing sprints.

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Plug-in marketing for startups that insist on weekly growth.

Hire Hitshop to discover the #1 thing you should be working
on this week to drive business growth. Then watch
us execute like crazy and launch within 7 days.

How a Hitshop growth sprint works:

  • DAY 1


    After reviewing your analytics for insights, we have a strategy session to plan your growth campaign for the week.

  • DAY 2-4


    The Hitshop team gets to work completing a step-by-step execution plan. You have visibility each step of the way.

  • DAY 5-7

    review & LAUNCH

    By the end of day 5, a "first draft" will be complete for us to review. We will then revise, finalize, and launch the campaign by day 7.


    campaign tracking

    You now have an asset for driving growth moving forward with tracking setup to help improve performance overtime.

In growth marketing, there are many
jobs to be done. Hitshop gets them
done for you.

Here are just a few growth marketing campaigns
we can launch for you in 7 days:

  • Write and automate a 5-day email course
  • Design, write, and integrate a landing page
  • Set up A/B tests to boost conversion rates
  • Optimize paid advertising campaigns
  • Turn blog posts into a fully designed ebook
  • Improve search visibility of your site and blog
  • Coordinate and launch a comarketing campaign
  • Setup a weekly demo webinar of your product
  • Create competitor comparison webpages
  • Redesign your product's onboarding flow
  • Write pitches and lead a PR outreach blitz
  • Showcase metrics on real-time dashboard
  • Write and automate lead nurturing campaigns
  • Enable Sales with alerts and lead scoring
  • There is no shortage of ideas. Let's get to work.

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Upfront, affordable pricing

Hitshop helps you grow faster, and makes it easy to get started.


  • 5 hours of growth consultation
  • 30+ page custom growth report
  • Step-by-step processes to improve growth
  • A living document to guide growth


Most Popular
  • 1 growth campaign within 7 days
  • Campaign tracking setup
  • Only $1000/week with 3 month agreement
  • Growth Plan included free with 3 month ageement


  • Need help growing revenue for a great product?
  • We partner with you to make that happen
  • Pre-venture funding businesses only
  • Payment based on % of new revenue growth

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